Shapeoko upgrade (2) – Y-axis and more

Today I proceeded with the Shapeoko upgrade. Nothing massive, but a lot of small things that took some time anyhow.

  • I checked, and where necessary, fastened all screws/bolts.
  • I flattened all of the motor shafts to prevent pulley slipping. I haven’t had an issue with that, but since I have access now I figured it couldn’t hurt (picture above).
  • I had to re-adjust the eccentric spacers. I found out there was about 1 mm play on all v-wheel couples. Must have loosened over time…
  • Took off my beat up spoilboard. I will replace it with one that does not extend beyond my machine’s work area. So I can trim it all the way.


  • I added an extra row of threaded inserts at the front of my bed.


  • I added some Y-rail dust panels, and finally mounted the mid-span supports I bought a while ago.

IMG_20160613_161118 IMG_20160613_161124

  • I re-soldered a loose connection on my laser pointer, and added a wire so I can switch it from outside my enclosure.
  • I also dusted off most of the hardware, and noticed that a flanged bearing on my Z-axis ACME assembly is completely locked up. So I’ll have to replace that.

More to follow.

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