2-sided milling in Rhino – THE EASY WAY

I’ll let the video speak for itself on this one. But in case you were wondering, the hole was not intentional, it was a zeroing mistake. Mach3 still holds a lot of secrets …

The script can be downloaded HERE. I put it in a ‘scripts’ folder in the Rhino directory, and added the button to the GUI as shown in the picture below:

5 thoughts on “2-sided milling in Rhino – THE EASY WAY”

  1. Very nice wooden spoon project. Are you still using the Shapeoko? I use to have a older X-carve 1000 but sold it.
    I don’t really care for the belts idea they use. Maybe the new models are better but still use belts. I wish they were
    all screw drives. I use to use Rhino years back when I was doing some 3D animation. Its a powerful program.

  2. Thanks.
    The machine I have now was originally a SO2, but I did a TON of mods to it… But you are 100% right about the belts, they remain the achilles heel of the design. I may one day build a custom cnc with ballscrew drive, but that’s mostly a distant dream at this point.

  3. phew I honestly don’t remember.
    But Rhino estimates the toolpaths to take 50 and 30 mins respectively and it’s probably pretty close.

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