Semi-automatic rubberband gun

I’ve been toying with a rubberband gun design I got from an Inventables forum member. The files needed some slight tweaking in order for the gun to work properly, but after a few iterations I got it to the point where it slides very easily and transfers the rubberbands as to be expected.

It is a 6-shot gun that automatically reloads due to a nifty ridge feature at the back. Watch the video to better understand how it works. It can easily be made out of a 25 x 50 cm sheet of plywood. I usually carve the grips separately though, since it is much more ergonomic to have them 3D milled.

The first version I made out of really crappy plywood. It resulted in a proof of concept, but there was just too much friction everywhere for it to slide freely.

For the second version, I used better poplar plywood, and changed some tolerances in the CAD files.

This version actually worked pretty well, as seen in the video below.

A third version, which looks about exactly the same, turned out to be even better, and the fourth iteration I’ll do tomorrow will probably be the final one. I’ll probably make a video about that with some nicer woods, and maybe even a personalized engrave in the gun grips.

Cool little project. 😉

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