Walk of shame

I hate my boss.

I really really do hate him. He’s arrogant, incompetent and has no social skills whatsoever.

BUT… he’s leaving! So there’s reason to celebrate!

With that out of the way, there was still the issue of giving him a going-away present, and since I work in a movie theatre, someone came up with the idea of an engraved star-shaped plate. You know, Walk Of Fame style. The actual engraving of the copper star was done through a commercial service, but I hadn’t been doing a lot of CNC’ing lately, so I set my personal feelings aside and saw this as an opportunity at a cool new project.

I started out with a beat-up Ikea cutting board which was the perfect size and thickness. I traced the star onto the board, scanned it into Illustrator and offset the path by 2 millimeters just to be on the safe side.

First of all, I trimmed the surface with a large 19mm bit. Then, I used the same bit to pocket out the majority of the star shape because I didn’t want this to take longer than it needed to. The tips of the star I finished with an 1/8″ bit.

I used the 1/8″ bit again for the profiling cut, as well as the base of a finger pocket. I went on and finished that one with a large ballnose bit.

I sanded the whole thing slightly just to get rid of the radial pattern and gave it a nice coat of linseed oil. I should probably re-level my Z stage at some point though…

And there you have it, installed in an old 35mm film box I had lying around my projection booth. The star actually could not have fit better.


All in all a lot of different operations for a seemingly simple project, but a nice result even if I say so myself.

Not that he deserves it.


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