FEZ – Frederico Entertainment Zystem (9) – It’s Alive!

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So I started all over again. Firstly I milled a new back cover, including a nice hole for the HDMI connector piece, and access to the audio jack at the top.

Assembly was easy, building up layer by layer.

It all fits into place. I’m getting quite experienced in getting everything connected and soldered in a timely manner.

The front plate is also a new one.

Now it finally closes up nice and tidy. And It’s a press-fit, which is awesome.

Bottomside: from left to right: volume control, power switch and micro-USB charging port.

Topside: audio jack and HDMI connector. The latter can be removed to wire the system to a TV set. A PS3 controller can be used in that case.

First bootup:



Click + drag to rotate:

And off course: a video:

Now, there’s already a lot of things I want to try next. Keep posted.

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