LAYZOR (2) – Scavenging the K40

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First things first. Let’s rip this thing apart!

The machine is not very difficult to disassemble. Most of it you can just lift out after removing some bolts. There’s the odd cable you need to disconnect between different bays inside the casing, but those are easily labeled for future reference.


Some parts needed more convincing than others though 😉 . After taking everything apart, I opened up one of my motors because it seemed to have difficulty spinning. Turns out the rust I mentioned in the previous post was not the culprit of the erratic movement. Inside I found lots of aluminium shavings, coming from the cover piece. Poor build quality all around. Oh well, I’ll need to find a replacement. At least I now know what caused my problems in the first place.


These are the parts I scavenged. We’ll see how much of it I can re-use.

I also took the grinder to the case to salvage the bottom plate. Not sure yet if it’ll be useful, but now the rest can be thrown on the landfill.


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