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It took me some time, but the dedicated LAYZOR website is now officially live!

I won’t elaborate much over here, go to the website and check it out: Plans are available for pre-order.


Just as an added bonus, here’s a pre-build render vs. real life comparison:

18 thoughts on “LAYZOR website online!”

  1. Looks great.

    What would be the total investment-aprox. for this project if you don’t mind?
    I am a beginner in the laser engraving but I will definitely follow your work.

  2. Nice work. I built the totally standard 2.x buildlog laser a while ago and even that was a decent amount of time/effort, so I really admire the extensive rebuild.

  3. You have mentioned that there is hardly anything left of the original K40. So this is ideal for someone that already has a K40 laser and wants to build a better machine from it.

    However my thoughts are that you have shown how to wire it all up and build the laser. Is there any reason one should go buy a brand new K40 only to pull it all apart for a few parts? If not it may be a better idea to build your design from scratch and simply buy the extra few things needed?

    1. For one it wil actually be cheaper to buy a K40 to start with. I know that is nuts.
      But you do have a point, so I am thinking of expanding this build to non-K40-owners and make a from-scratch guide as well.

      But this won’t be for this year, I have lots of other stuff to do first…
      Resourceful people should be able to build the layzor from scratch already with the current plans.

  4. I think i Will do this upgrade , just purchase the Layzors pdf .
    I need it a bit bigger , Will there bee a problem too scale up the Laser too about 700x 500 mm ?

    1. I think it is fine, probably the source part is chinese anyway and that sentence is a result of bad translation. You can ask the seller, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.

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