V-carve: Aztec Sun Stone

I always like to do a V-carve when I test the performance of my machine, because it needs all three axis to work in perfect unison in order to get a decent result. But I just tuned my motors to the max of their capabilities, so I figured now is the time to do an actual cut.

The Sun Stone file had been waiting on my harddrive for way too long. It has always kind of scared me because it is a complicated pattern that will take a long time to cut. The software predicted 3,5 hours, which I found to be acceptable. But honestly, I was not convinced it was a realistic estimate.

Well, only one way to know! I had a piece of bamboo (32 cm diameter)  that was perfect for the job, so here’s the results:


The time it took: 3,5 hours spot-on! Nice job Vectric.

I will probably stain and sand it at one point. Just so there’s better contrast between highs and lows.

2016-12-06-10-38-23 2016-12-06-10-38-28

2016-12-06-10-54-30 2016-12-06-10-54-44


Source file here. (DXF file)



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