Trio dessert plates

Every year for NYE, I am responsible for the dessert. The last couple of years I always reverted back to the same recipe: ‘moeilleux au chocolat’. (No idea what it is called in English… It’s some sort of brownie/chocolate cake where the inside is still liquid chocolate) It’s not that I don’t have the skill or inspiration to make something else for a change, but it is so popular people would be disappointed if I did something else instead. This year though, I wanted to up the ante. Only one way I saw how: just add to the dessert instead of trying to match it with something else. Because I love chocolate, I chose to do a trio of chocolate desserts: the moeilleux obviously, a brownie and a white chocolate mousse.

For presentation, I wanted bamboo boards with three slight pockets. I found bamboo cutting boards at my local store which were perfect in size and reasonably cheap.

The design is very simple but I made sure the glass for the chocolate mousse fit snugly into the rings.

A bit of oil just to finish them off and they were ready for the festivities!


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